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Hello and good morning, readers. The first week of 2016 is down – only 51 more to go! By the way, 2016 is our 10th year in business. In Tech Years, that’s approximately 137 years. We’ve managed to do it by sticking with our ethics and striving to provide our customers with the best service we can give, and putting our free, open-source software out there for everyone.

This week’s weekly run-down has a bunch of good stuff! All useful, and entertaining. You’ll laugh, cry, maybe roll your eyes, possibly snicker.

Netflix has announced that it’s now live in 130 countries, which means there’s even more to binge watch. BOY it’s a good thing you know where to find awesome proxy and VPN service, isn’t it?

Speaking of Netflix:  This story about Netflix’s genre code system has been out and about on the web this week. Sadly, “Steamy Cult Movies” has only one entry (Surprisingly not Zardoz) but it’s Barbarella which is really all you need.

Zardoz would like to respectfully disagree.
Zardoz would like to respectfully disagree.

T Mobile caught red-handed throttling video  The EFF has shown that T Mobile is just indiscriminately throttling video streaming under the “Binge On Optimization” service it recently introduced. Not good, T Mobile. Not good at all. Maybe customers can throttle their payments?

Samsung is doing its part to bring on The Singularity   Smart fridges, smart ovens, smart houses, smart watches, you name it, Samsung wants to put a chip in it and give it a touch screen interface.

David Bowie has died  Died, or returned back to his galaxy of origin as I prefer to think. It’s not entirely FoxyProxy related, but we’ve all felt like a weirdo, outsider, other, haven’t we? And he was our Galactic Prince of the Other.