Happy 2016!

Good morning! The Earth has successfully hurtled around the sun once more, bringing us to the first Monday of 2016. Time to take off the pajamas and put pants back on for the first time in days. Let’s get back to it.

2015 was great at times, really very terrible at other times, and mediocre quite a lot. Next week we’re going to do a bit of a retrospective, but for now, here’s hoping 2016 is going to be a good one, a better one, for everyone.

At least this hasn't happened yet.
At least this hasn’t happened yet.

Hey! Did you know that FoxyProxy was founded in 2006, making 2016 our 10th anniversary year! We’re pretty proud to have been in the game for so long, as a privately owned corporation in a business rife with fly-by-night companies and shady operators with less than stellar ethics.

Being is business for so long means we have a good understanding of what corporate customers need, as well. If you’re in the market for corporate proxy and VPN service, look no further. We can even work with you to come up with a custom package perfect for your needs.


Procrastination Time! Here are some good/interesting/strange things to fill your first Monday morning back at work, topped off as usual with another fantastic and 100% believable conspiracy for you folks to ponder.

The BBC got hit with a DDOS attack  The Beebs was down for a span of a few hours on   New Year’s eve. Everything seems to be back to normal for now, so we can all put the kettle on and relax until this whole thing blows over.

The NSA has finally gone to far for the US Congress  The many headed beast known as the US Congress was stirred from its holiday slumber by allegations that the NSA has been keeping tabs on conversations between Israel and various American politicians.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to create Jarvis   A good deal of this is doable with already existing tech, though he wants to make it even more cohesive. An AI in charge of the house and data of Mark Zuckerberg? Here’s hoping he hammers home Asimov’s Three Laws.

A Biologist did an actual study on Zombie preparedness  And guess what? We’re doomed, which comes as no surprise at all. But…what about Werewolf preparedness?  

The iWatch is an Illuminati conspiracy to prepare us for Transhumanism.  Makes sense, right?