Netflix Bites The Hand That Feeds Them

Good morning, everyone! We’ve made it to the third Monday of the year. It’s been a rough one so far, in some regards.

Your blogatrix is still reeling about David Bowie, to be honest.

But in other news! You’ve all heard the rumblings about Netflix suddenly deciding that VPN and proxy usage is a no-no. Why did this happen? Who knows, but their announcement of expansion into 130 countries may have something to do with this. They have been under pressure from Hollywood for a while about restricting content and abiding by licensing agreements, so this move may be a way to placate the entertainment hand that feeds them while at the same time biting the other hand which feeds them; paying customers.

the hand

The question remains about how well they’ll be able to effectively ban the tech. But does Netflix actually WANT to do this? Or will it be making a show and a little bit of effort with the intent of quieting the folks pressuring them about international licensing? Netflix must be fully aware that the very international users it’s seeking to block account for a chunk of income it doesn’t want to lose.

Rest assured, dear foxes, that we’ll be playing this cat and mouse game to the fullest! FoxyProxy will be doing our best to stay ahead of the game to keep providing you with the service you need. We’ll be keeping a close on things as they develop.


And why not? Netflix is all part of the big conspiracy anyway.