This Week in Internet Things

You may have noticed this week’s Foxy Friday is actually Foxy Saturday. We noticed that too, and are looking into the possible reasons that the weekdays were shifted in time.

First off, we want to let you know we’re running a special this month on all new accounts choosing Peru for their service country. Just enter the code nazca-lines and you’ll get 33% off a new account of any duration. Click here to get started.

Secondly, we’d like to congratulate Hugo Burnham on winning our server naming contest with his “tstickle.”  Hugo wins a month of free proxy/VPN service. Use it wisely.

Nice work Hugo, on assuming that we’d go for the low hanging fruit, so to speak.

We do love a double entendre.
We do love a double entendre.

This week at The Den, we’re giving you a roundup of stories from across the internet which caught our eye this week. Some serious, some frivolous, all interesting.

  1. Google Looks to Return to China  Google, Lord of the Internet, eyes a return to China after a five year absence following a spat over censorship. The draw of the almighty Yuan was too much to resist, though, and reports say that a State-friendly version of the Play Store is in the works.
  2. Privacy Concerns with the New iPhone  If you want to use Apple’s new “Hey Siri” feature, the mic will be always on to enable Siri to listen for your plaintive cries for help. This means Siri may also be listening in on your delicate situations, or hear you if you’re giving away state secrets. Be careful out there, agents.
  3. Africa isn’t nearly as technologically behind as well meaning White People think   Africa is a vibrant, complex, tech loving continent. Good intentions often mask unintentional White Saviour complexes which come with a hefty and unpleasant dose of good old fashioned Colonialism.
  4. Zen Foxes   There’s not much else to say on this one, other than that foxes are the best. Take that, cats.
  5. Peruvian Rock Band Celebrating Ancient Culture  Uchpa is a band singing in the ancient indigenous language of Quechua, bringing native Andean culture to the stage along with an appropriately rock and roll attitude and awesome headgear.


That’s it for our peek into this week’s Interesting Things From The Internet.  Did you come across something we’d like? Let us know!