It’s FoxyFriday!

Good morning, FoxyProxy fans! It’s Friday. Or as well call it, “FoxyFriday”, because we like occasional alliteration and also because we’re going to start making a Friday blog post a regular thing.

To celebrate our inaugural FoxyFriday, we’re holding a little contest to give away a free one month subscription for any country. To enter, just comment below or on social media and give us your best idea for a server name.

Our server names must be eight letters long, so you have to be creative. As much as they amuse us, no profanity or anything too offensive, please. We’ll choose whichever one we like best using very unscientific methods.

The FoxyProxy team choosing a winner.
So, what do you do with a proxy or VPN, anyway?

We’re so glad you asked.

We all know some basic reasons to use a proxy or VPN.  One of the most popular uses is bypassing content restriction to watch TV and other kinds of entertainment from other countries. Maybe you’re an expat, maybe you love the BBC, or maybe you just really like that Norwegian show where they live stream wild birds in a teeny cafe for hours at a time.

It’s called Piip Show. We are not making that up.

Aside from watching awesome shows, proxies and VPN service can be really useful for other things.

  1. Getting Better Prices Many companies, such as airlines, change prices according to location. Meaning that you could get a different price for that ticket to Norway to watch Piip Show in person depending on where you’re browsing from.
  2. Dodging Censorship A lot of our subscribers live in places where government censorship of the internet is the norm. A VPN or Proxy can help them connect to the world at large. On a less grand scale, using a VPN or Proxy can help you get around restricted access in places like school or work. Not that you would be procrastinating at work, we’re sure.
  3. Beefing Up Security Routing your computer’s traffic through a VPN is a good idea to keep prying eyes away from your data when you’re on a network with questionable security standards. Fire up a VPN when using airport, coffee shop, or any public wifi to ensure no one is snooping on your connection.


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