Global TV Oddities – Part I

Hello Again, Foxes!  Last week, we touched on some cool reasons for having a proxy/VPN service, but let’s face it, a whole lot of you are probably using it to watch stuff you’d otherwise be blocked from seeing.

So this week we’re going to highlight weird TV from around the world to pique your interest. Some of it you may find odd, some of it weird, but hopefully all of it is entertaining.

Weird TV connects across cultural bounds. If any of this strikes for fancy, follow THIS link to get FoxyProxy service!

    1. Four in a Bed – (Great Britain)  Despite the name, this show is not about sexy fun bedroom time. Pretty much the opposite actually. It’s a reality show which follows four sets of B&B owners as they stay at each other’s places and decide which among them is best. There is a glorious amount of the polite assholery which the British do so well, as well as more shots of a Full English (it’s breakfast, you guys) than you could ever want.

    1. Slow TV – (Norway)  Slow TV is a genre, not the actual name of a show. Norway loves its slow TV though, broadcasting gems like Piip Show, (a live feed of a bird feeder decked out to look like a teeny cafe), as well as knitting marathons, a cross country train journey, and the upcoming week long reindeer migration. This actually sounds pretty relaxing. We can’t lie, this clip looks pretty appealing. Put on the kettle and settle in.

  1. Fox News (USA) The jury is still out on if this channel is actually an elaborate, Andy Kaufman-esque satire attempting to critique the absolute worst traits of American society and identify the most terrible people among Americans so that the rest of the country can easily avoid them,  or if it really is attempting to be a serious news channel. Judge for yourself!