Privacy? We Got Your Privacy Right Here!

No, you don’t see me.


Recently, a customer asked us about our Privacy Policy. 
It’s a pretty great one, if we do say so ourselves, so we’re going to break some of it down for you to illustrate how awesome it is. And as always, if you have any questions about it, just ask!

While we’re at it, we’d like to illustrate our commitment by reminding you of the time we got a subpoena from the US Department of Justice, and the exceedingly polite and succinct ‘Hahaha, no’ from our founder in reply.



  • We log only amount of bandwidth you use, not URLs, content or anything else about how you use your accounts.
  • We don’t track what you do with your VPN/proxy services.  You do you, babies. We won’t judge, because we don’t even track it.
  • If you use one of our free products or services, we don’t collect any information about you. Honestly. None.
  • If you use our support system, this system asks for an email address in order to notify you of replies. Don’t want to give us your real email? That’s cool! Use a burner. Make a disposable. Get creative with the names, too, we love it.  We encourage you to use a disposable email address for this purpose,even though we will never share or sell that address, give it to a 3rd party unless required by law, nor send any emails to it except reply notifications.
  • If you use one of our paid services, we collect the minimum information possible in order only to bill you. For example, we cannot bill a credit card without a name. If we did collect billing information from you, that information (except your email address) is not stored by us. It is stored by our payment provider, Recurly. Their privacy policy is here. We also accept digital currencies (bitcoin, ethereum, etc) if you want to go that route.
  • If we did collect minimal billing information from you during checkout, we will never share or sell it. We will never give it to a 3rd party unless required by law. We will never market to you directly unless you expressly opt-in when making a purchase or when setting the marketing preference in the control panel.