Why Pay For a VPN?


We get it, there are loads of VPN companies on the market today. A lot of them are even free.  Free is very appealing, especially if you just want to stream something or get access to some location specific content.

you want to watch the latest Uzalo? We’ve got you covered.



1.  We limit at most 3 customers per server. In some cases, even just 1 customer per server. This is more expensive for us, but provides an overall better experience for customers. Our speeds are often much better than others because we don’t oversell. Many competitors buy a few dozen or few hundred (!) large servers, then sell access to that fixed set of servers. This means thousands of customers competing for the same bandwidth on a VPN server. No fun for their customers!

2. We guarantee video streaming for certain websites (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iplayer, ITV, Channel 4). If one of those video streaming sites stop working, all a customer must do is email us and we give them a different server which works.

3. 100+ countries and counting, all the same price. How many of the companies who have free service offer Réunion? Jordan? Lebanon? Mongolia? Taiwan? UAE? Iceland? The answer is not many, because such locations are much more expensive than the typical USA, UK, Germany, Amsterdam, etc.

4. Our Support team is awesome. We offer phone support and remote session support (we remotely control your computer while you watch, if you like). How many companies offer that?


How do you know who to trust? Just who is behind that appealing sounding VPN? A good amount of the most popular free VPNs either have Chinese ownership or are actually based in China.

Given that China has aggressively clamped down on VPN usage and is famously restrictive with internet usage within its own borders, it’s no stretch to wonder if these companies are funneling data to the Chinese government or other parties.

Not to mention, nailing down the ethics of non-transparent and ad-based companies can be tough. Should you trust a company whose priority is making profit for it’s shareholders? (The answer is no.)

Do they hold your privacy as top priority? They forget to tell you who is the real customer for most VPN providers; the venture capitalists. The investors. The people who financed the company. They want their money back, and with interest. The VPN company can give that quicker and bigger if they monetize you.

Since our inception, FoxyProxy has had no investors. We run no ads. There are no shareholder meetings.  We’ve had opportunities and passed them over because we won’t compromise our customers for a dollar. We refuse to sell out our loyal following.

Our meetings involve lots of food and casual dress




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