Some Words From Our Founder


Recently, our founder/head honcho/brain in charge/all round awesome nerd, Eric Jung, sent an email out to employees.

On the surface, the email was about reaching a milestone with our support team. However, it’s so very illustrative of the ethos of Eric and FoxyProxy itself, that we wanted to share it with a wider audience.

There are other VPN companies out there who are flashier,  and some of them even have cute animal mascots (none so cute as the fox, though. It’s science.), but they don’t carry the same history and commitment to ethics that we do.  

There’s a reason we’ve been doing this for 13 years.

We aren’t in this to raise millions from investors. We’re in this because FoxyProxy was founded on a principle.
Thanks for choosing us to help you safeguard your privacy! 
“It’s just amazing to think where we’ve been as a group and where we are now.
I am very proud and lucky to work with all of you.
Thank you for being part of a company whose ethos is to “stick it to the Man” — you want to censor what we can see and do on the internet? You can’t and we won’t let you. This is why, when someone for example in UAE tells us FoxyProxy didn’t work for them  (as recently happened), I get upset and lose sleep.
This was the founding principle of the company long ago, why I wrote the software I did — long before most anyone else was thinking of internet privacy and anti-censorship, especially journalists who love to talk about those topics now. And it is still part of us today. I hope you feel it.
This Summer I must fully re-write our original product yet again (FoxyProxy for Firefox) due to breaking Firefox changes. I hope the new product will also work with Chrome and that will be “refreshed” — it needs it. “