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Sneaky Threats to Your Privacy

You know that we here at FoxyProxy love privacy.  It’s kind of what we do and it has been our core value since 2006.

We also know that a lot of you go through your daily lives doing things like working, cooking, family stuff, and generally living, and so you may not have a minute to think about all the things that might be putting your privacy at risk.

That’s where this handy post comes in!

We’re going to outline some privacy threats that you may not have even thought about, so that you can have even more tools at your disposal.

Hidden cameras. We shared this story about an AirBnB which was found to have an undisclosed camera tucked away. Luckily, the family found it by doing a quick scan for wifi devices. While the company does allow cameras if they are disclosed, it’s smart to always check to see if there is a device hidden somewhere to look in on you.

Another option would be a wifi jammer such as this one  which easy to use and, as a bonus, means you can act out your own Cyberpunk fantasy and yell “I’M JAMMING THE SIGNAL!”

You know you thought of this.


Public Wifi.  Sure, free public wifi sounds great. And it’s something a lot of us probably don’t give much thought to as we stand in line, drink our coffee, or go about our days in the public realm. But! We often don’t think of the risks that come along with it.  Here’s a great article which lays out some of the things you can do to keep yourself more secure.  What’s one of those steps? Using a VPN of course. 


Data Tracking.  It’s no secret that when you hop onto a browser, most of what you do is being logged somewhere. There are some pretty easy steps to take to limit this insidious tracking, however. The big browsers do have various settings that you can manipulate to limit what gets tracked. However, as we just shared with you, that’s not anywhere near perfect. Browser extensions are available which block various ads, trackers, and cookies and are easy to use.  Or, if you’re willing to try something new, you could migrate your usage over to the one of the privacy focused browsers such as Brave or even go all out and use the Tor browser.

Lots of choices are emerging in the browser market, so keep an eye on new developments as the big guys try to win back the hearts of the privacy-minded.



The Internet of Things.   This should go without saying. And yet, here we are.