I Stream, You Stream

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I stream, you stream, we all scream for a decent selection
of streaming options.

We go on about Netflix a good deal, but as most of you know there are other streaming options as well. Some good, some not so good. (remember when Hulu had a free option?)

Amazon has long offered streaming services, though a lot of people (me, I’m referring to myself here) tend to utterly forget about the streaming service included in a Prime membership and focus on that sweet Free Shipping.

Maybe a drone will deploy a tiny screen for us to watch their streaming video on.
Here’s hoping a drone will deploy a tiny screen for us to watch video on.

No longer, says Amazon! This week, Amazon launched a monthly streaming service aimed to take a bite out of Netflix and Hulu’s market share. At 8.99 a month, it sweetens the deal by allowing the option to download video for later viewing.

What does this mean for us consumers of streaming media?  Both providers are already well into creating their own content along with licensed shows and movies, so competition between them will hopefully mean more choices for us.

What are the geo-restricted offerings on Amazon? STAY TUNED and you’ll find out soon, because we’re going to do a little digging for a future post.