Fox Force Five is Go

Good morning. Happy Monday.
You look very nice today. 

handsome fox
What a dandy gentleman.

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Monday Morning Fun Time

This week, a few useless additions to the Internet of Things came across our desk, so we’re going to be highlighting and laughing at them here. Point and laugh, everyone.

By the way, if you own a smart thing, chances are everyone can see it and know what you’re doing with it. 

Don’t believe me? Check out Thingful and enter your location. Now you’ll think twice about smarting up your home.

Organic, Free Range, Artisanal, Small Batch juicer  Our first ridiculous thing is a juicer which connects to your wi-fi, but wont actually juice anything other than its own brand pre-packaged produce. Which, buy the way, costs between 4 – 10 per pack. I guess if you’re willing to from 700 for a wi-fi juicer, buying pre-packages, pre-chopped veg seems normal.

SmartFork.   Seriously. Switch off your brain, everyone, this fork tracks your eating habits for you and lets you know if you’re eating too quickly.

Smart Wifi Wine Bottle  Ok, a few things here. This contraption promises to keep the rest of your bottle fresh after you’ve had a glass or two. But let’s be very honest – who needs that? Who is leaving wine in the bottle? No one, that’s who. It claims to keep the wine fresh by being all smart and keeping oxygen out, but it turns out that they do that by having the wine in a little plastic pouch inside that fancy canister. Know where else you can get wine pouch wine? From a box. And it’s perfectly good, and a whole lot cheaper than a fancy wifi bottle that displays a digital label.

On the other hand, this family may need smart devices. Get it together, Deborah.