This Week in Internet Things

Good morning everyone! Another Monday come, another week gone. We hope week 6/52 was a good one for you.

We’ve had a pretty good one. We’re still pleased as punch about partnering with FlashRouters. If you’re in the market for a new router, FlashRouters offers routers with your FoxyProxy account info already programmed, ready to integrate with all of your devices including things like Chromecast and Roku! Yes, with these routers you can easily stream things like the BBC iPlayer to other devices via your VPN.

 12 hour Great British Bake Off marathon, here we come!

You haven't seen TV until you've seen a grown man proudly presenting a Bread Lion.
You haven’t seen TV until you’ve seen a grown man proudly presenting his Bread Lion.


It’s been an interesting week in the land of the Internet. No doubt you’ve read about the Apple vs. FBI  story. Support from all corners of the web has led up to an increasing back and forth between the two parties. Keep a close eye on this one, folks, as it has implications for privacy matters that involve all of us.

And then there’s China.  China is set to ban foreign media companies from publishing any content online without the government’s approval. The Ministry of Keeping You Safe From Dangerous Thoughts and Ideas (just kidding. It’s the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has taken steps to further tighten its control over what the Chinese people can view online. Good thing services like FoxyProxy exist, eh?

And then there’s Turkey.  China has some competition when it comes to governments meddling with its citizen’s informational affairs. Turkey has topped the list Twitter’s biannual Transparency report, coming first among nations in censorship. Just days ago, in fact, Turkey throttled access to social media in response to a bombing in Ankara.

You’ve all seen that photo of Mark Zuckerberg, moving through a pack of humans with devices strapped to their faces, triumphant grin on his face. Just for fun, here’s a collection of images to jauntily distract us from the inevitable march towards The Singularity.

Speaking of The Singularity:
Did you know it’s going to happen in 2045? It’s true.
Someone came back from the future to tell us via youtube.