Your Monday Morning Weekly Roundup. With Bonus 70’s Soft Rock!

Good morning! We’ve all made it through to the 7th Monday of the year. Congratulations.

We did it!
We did it!

First off, a reminder about our great news from last week. If you didn’t catch it, we’re partnering with FlashRouters to bring you flashed routers pre-configured to your FoxyProxy account! 

This means you can do all the things you use FoxyProxy for with any device connected to your home router, INCLUDING streaming things like the BBC iPlayer to your Chromecast or Roku.

Pretty exciting, eh? We thought so, too.

FoxyProxy router, or Alien Communication Node? Why not both?
FoxyProxy router or Alien Communication Node? Why not both?

As always, here are some other cool/interesting things from through the week. Enjoy!

Why DOES your iPhone brick when set to 1970?  It’s not because it’s trying to travel back in time to the glory days of soft rock (we totally would if we could). This guy explains just what’s going on in your iPhone’s brain.

THINGMAKER MAKE THINGS FOR YOU.  The fabulously named Thingmaker is a new 3D printer designed to make toys at a pretty reasonable price. Time to get fancy with those RPG dice deigns.

PC Makers have decided what you’ll want for 2016  The Register asked Dell, Lenovo, and HP what they think buyers will be looking for this year. The answer? Shrinkage.


Instead of a conspiracy theory, you’re getting some glorious 1970’s soft rock. We couldn’t decide between James Taylor and Neil Diamond, so you get both.
You’re welcome.