Get To Know The World

96 countries

That’s how many countries around the world we currently offer VPN/Proxy service for. Chances are, there are at least a few on the list that you don’t know much about, so we’re taking the opportunity to highlight a couple of them below.

We’ve been doing this for 12 years!   In Internet years, that’s quite a lot. We’re practically elder statesmen. Twelve years in the business means we know what we’re doing, and our customer support reflects that.

We are committed to giving you the best service, the most reliable product, and respecting your privacy first and foremost. We don’t store or track your data, log which sites you visit, none of it!

We have core values that are important to us. 

We advocate for privacy, free speech, free press, government transparency, sensible copyright and sensible DRM. We’re members of the Electronic Frontier FoundationCenter for Democracy and TechnologyFreePressStop Watching Us, and the Mozilla Foundation.

We donate money and resources to non-profit organizations that are aligned with our principles, like the Center for Biological Diversity, who help endangered fox species, the Tor Project, so you can see we put our money where our mouth is.


So, do a little reading, go down some travel rabbit holes, and learn a bit about where some of your fellow humans come from.


Ghana is a nation on the Western African coast with centuries of history full of powerful kingdoms and rich artistry. Today, Ghana is known for friendly people, beautiful palm lined beaches, astounding natural scenery and wildlife, and a robust economy which includes a good amount of digital tech manufacturing which fuels bustling cities.

Ghana is home to a diverse population which speaks over 40 languages, with most people speaking several of them. I can only speak English, and barely, at that.

Oh, and insanely fashionable people. I mean, just look at these ladies. You can’t compete.

You have been slain by the fierceness coming through your screen



Jordan is an ancient land  steeped in history . We all know what the famous Treasury of Petra looks like  (It’s where Indiana Jones found The Holy Grail. I was as disappointed as you to find out there’s no secret cave and ancient Templar inside) but it’s so much more than that. Famously hospitable people, amazing food, and luxurious resorts pair with 20,000 years of human history.  20,000 years. That’s hard to comprehend.

Jordan also has The Dead Sea,  where you can happily float around in one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Sign us all the way up.