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You may have seen the recent article on Ars Technica about just how hard it is to create a true “Best VPN list.”
The author sites many factors in the fluctuating value of using a VPN, including things like VPN companies using outdated technology, unscrupulous business practices, leak risks, and more.
It’s certainly worth the read, and it really drives home the point that the motives and methods of so many players on the VPN scene these days are questionable, at best.
Our founder, Eric Jung, took a few minutes to point out just why FoxyProxy meets so many demands for dependable VPN service.
What To Look For

is the VPN using up-to-date protocols, what’s the reputation of the company and the people behind it (and their history or expertise), are terms of service easy to understand, what does the VPN protect against and what doesn’t it cover, and is the service honest about its disclosures?

FoxyProxy, in business 10 years and going strong, with tens of millions of customers served. We forever changed the way proxies and VPNs were used by creating awesome F/OSS software for Firefox and Chrome. We are all career IT professionals with decades of experience each.

No noobs here.

Aside from these factors, Campbell recommends looking at any company activism, which he says is likely to demonstrate how much an organization cares about customer privacy.

FoxyProxy donates free accounts to Columbia and Harvard Universities for price discrimination and privacy research. We donate to the EFF, FreePress, StopWatchingUs, Center for Democracy and Technology, Center for Biological Diversity, Tor Project, and others.

He also looks for a clear and unambiguous privacy policy rather than a boilerplate policy and for companies that have been in business for at least three years.

Plain English! https://getfoxyproxy.org/privacy-policy

As a final precaution, Campbell also looks for VPNs that do not use third-party systems to capture sensitive customer data. “Any VPN service that respects their customers’ privacy will self-host all systems that interact with customers, such as third-party live chat scripts, support ticketing systems, blog comments, etc. Customers often submit very sensitive information in support requests without knowing that the VPN provider doesn't have exclusive control over the system,” he said.

Yup. We use highly-customized, self-hosted versions of osTicket, phpBB, and WordPress for support, as well as a number of custom-written back-office systems, all self-hosted.


So there you have it.

People are right to question the business practices, ethics, and motivation behind companies offering VPN services. FoxyProxy has the answers you need to feel good about using our service.