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Good morning! Happy spring.
Smell some flowers.
spring fox

FoxyProxy Plus is back on the menu!

We’re happy to announce that FoxyProxy Plus is once again available for purchase for use with Firefox.  FoxyProxy Plus gets you licensed for commercial use.  Essentially the same as FoxyProxy Standard, but with some essential additions:

  1. Switch your IP address based on your current local (LAN) IP address–perfect if you work from multiple locations, each with different censorship rules
  2. URL training! Click a button to automatically add URL patterns for any/all URLs on a page
  3. Advanced logging, username/password saving

And, as always, our full line of downloads and paid products is available, whether you’re looking for our industry leading open source free software, paid proxy and VPN service, or enterprise grade corporate accounts.


We would also like to congratulate the Leicester City FC on their Premier League Championship!

We’d also like to compliment the Foxes on their obvious good choice in name and logo. Not that we’re biased.

What a handsome devil.
What a handsome devil.