Let’s Learn About Netflix.

Good morning!
Was your weekend a good one?
Are you well rested and ready to tackle the week ahead? 

Pretty much sums up our weekend.
Pretty much sums up our weekend.

Weekends are excellent for binge watching, as no doubt most of you know. Most of you probably also use Netflix, so today’s post is going to be the first in a series of educational topics on everyone’s favorite procrastination enabler.

Before I get too far today, I want to share with you this little discovery I made. Fellow American users may have noticed a recent and infuriating change in the way Netflix displays browseable categories.

Come on now.
Absolute garbage, though if this is algorithmic it’s a little revealing. Don’t judge me.
2016-03-06 (3)
So much more sense.

They apparently are testing some changes requested by customers (I don’t believe that for a second. No one would want this, it was probably an intern called Kevin. Thanks, Kevin.) and decided to just blanketly involve us all in testing this without notification.

I finally figured out how to revert back to the old category listing, so I thought I would share this enlightenment with all of you.

Just head on over to your account settings, and click on “test participation.” Then, select the little slider thing to “off.”




You’re all, of course, aware that Netflix offerings change depending on which country you’re watching from. So today, I’m going to highlight some differences between Netflix US and Netflix UK.  For science!

I’ll be looking at British Comedies for this session. The Brits have a unique sense of humor, and one of the best ways to really get to know it is by diving head first into classic British Comedy.

Here are some which are available on Netflix UK but not Netflix US.

Black Adder is a classic starring Rowan Atkinson as an awful nobleman, set in differing time periods. Just…go with it. It also stars Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie (Yes, Dr. House himself,) Miranda Richardson, and others.

I’m Alan Partridge Starring Steve Coogan as a failed tv host/radio host/everything. Weird, sad, dipping with satire and sarcasm, it’s something of an acquired taste for Americans but it’s a good illustration of British humor. Wait, let me spell is as “humour” for my British readers.  I also heartily recommend checking out The Trip, which is Coogan not at Alan Partridge, but really at his best.

The Mighty Boosh  Boy, this is a weird one. There’s not really any describing this skit show other than surreal. Odd. Weird. A bit acid trippy.

Red Dwarf  This one is a classic, well loved among nerds and geeks. It’s set in outer space and features a humanoid cat, a robot, a sentient computer and..well. It’s very British.

Still Game  This one is about three old Scottish friends, in a little Scottish town, with accents so thick you’ll need a Brit with you to translate. Seriously, I can’t understand 80% of it.

Well there you have it. A tiny percentage of the British comedy available on Netflix. Did I miss anything? Let me know!