Choose Your Own Screaming Foxes

Fox Facts: Foxes scream, and it’s actually a little disturbing. 



Good morning, Fox Fans. Another Monday is here, and that means another blog post from your favorite proxy providing party people.

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So what cool, weird, and/or fun things do I have lined up for you today? Keep reading and find out. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but with stories of varying importance instead of actual adventure.

All the endings are either "You eat the seal" or "The seal gets away and you starve."
All of the endings are either “You eat the seal” or “The seal gets away and you starve.”

The First Website launched 25 years ago at the CERN research facility. The creator is still actively working to protect the open web against censorship and attempts to crush net neutrality. See? Demon summoning isn’t all they’re up to at CERN.

The Dawn of Electronics saw some great art emerge The golden age of advertising, paired with the emergence of technology for the everyday consumer inspired a lot of great art. Excuse me while I order some prints.

Those fun Facebook quizzes eat your personal data  I know they’re temping. But resist! Do you really need to know your Star Wars name that badly? Is it so important to let Facebook choose your Patronus Spirit? Do you really need to know how long you would survive in Westeros? The answer to that last one is approximately four days.

Looking for some Retro-AltHistory Nostalgia Art?  Because I’m on an art kick this week, here is some lovely retro tech infused, alternate reality nostalgic art. Just click, it all works together.

Data Surveillance is nothing new  The UK has a national database system, born 15 years ago and named PRESTON, which has been recently revealed to be very Big Brother like in its methods. Doubleplus Bad.

AND FINALLY: Because I can’t resist. Here is proof of Facebook’s connection with The Illuminati. The proof lies in the hoodie, apparently.