Monday is Fun Day

Fox Fact: The arctic Fox can survive in temperatures down to -58f. 

Winter is Coming.
Winter is Coming.

A happy Monday to you all!

Chances are, a good amount of you are heading back to work today. And some of you likely own, or make big decisions in, the very office you’re occupying while reading this.

That's a nice stapler you have.
That’s a nice stapler you have.

Did you know that FoxyProxy has a bunch of applications for a corporation? (Don’t worry. We’ll still have some fun and ridiculous links for you this week. Probably also another conspiracy video.- ed.) Using proxy software can help you test out geographically based marketing campaigns, gauge competitor pricing in local markets, and much more.

If geo-filtered content or marketing solutions are what you need, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to work with you. We can even create a custom package, tailored to your needs.

Here are some comments from some of our corporate clients, in case you need a bit of convincing:

“The most surprising thing was the great customer service.  From the moment we switched to a corporate account, there has always been someone available to help us right away.  And when we needed proxies that were not available, a FoxyProxy agent kept an eye out and provided all three that we requested without us ever having to follow up.”

“We have staff who login from various countries in the world to our backend which is geo-filtered and have local offerings by territory. We need the ability for our staff to login to our systems from various regions to test local settings on our backends.”

What was the most surprising thing about using FoxyProxy, and what is the best aspect about using our service? “Personalised corporate service, approachable, and on demand customer solutions.” 

What could we do to improve our service for you? “Literally nothing…its great!”

“We use different proxies so that we can view our competitors’ pricing for customers outside of the U.S.”

“I can’t think of a way that your service could be better.  We are extremely pleased with the service we receive.”


And now for some links for your Monday Procrastination! 

The NSA has shut down bulk phone surveillance  But don’t worry, they’re totally still going to be watching us. Hi, NSA.

Warfare is going digital  Good news for all you Cyberpunk fans out there! Sorry to dash your hopes for a Mad Max style apocalypse, but information warfare is the next big thing in meting out righteous justice upon thyne enemies. Still, feel free to wear those shoulder pads and chaps. It’s a good look.

Researchers have created a cyborg rose A cyborg rose, but sadly not a cyborg Rose from The Golden Girls, which would be even better.

Amazon released more delivery drone footage Drones flying around, dropping things in people’s yards. How could this go wrong? The future is going to be weird.

Proof that the NSA is working with the Illuminati! It’s all right there in the logo, folks. Right there for us to easily decipher, from an apparently not-so-secret secret society.